1996 Bow River Boulder Project

    In 1996, BVHD completed a major boulder fish habitat enhancement project on the Bow River, in the Town of Cochrane, Alberta. The Project was designed by Sheldon Lowe of Alberta Environments, River Engineering Department, Technical Services Branch. The project was funded by TransAlta Utilities, Nova Gas Pipelines, Trans Canada Pipelines and the Jumpingpound Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada.

    The project involved the creation of boulder habitats on 5 different sites on the Bow River, within the Town of Cochrane. Each site was approximately 100m to 150m in length and all five sites were spread over a 4.6 kilometre reach of the river. The objective was to create low water habitat for resident trout, when the the power plant upstream shuts down its generators during non-peak power demand.

    In 1998 and 2000, BVHD completed an underwater video assessment of the project site to determine whether sport fish were relating to the newly created boulder habitats in the river, during low flow conditions. The following video was compiled for that assessment and it is presented in these two survey sample productions. You can see, after reviewing the footage, that the boulder habitats were very successful at providing low water habitat for trout and mountain whitefish!

The 1998 Underwater Video Assessment Footage (5:00 minutes)

The 2000 Underwater Video Assessment Footage (9:00 minutes)

See more videos on my Youtube Channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/MrGuywoods

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