Fish Habitat Enhancement

Welcome to my Home Page for Fish Habitat Enhancement!

Trout Stream Stewardship                             

With the rapid growth and development that our generation is experiencing, it is of paramount importance that we make sure that we safe guard our natural assets! For me, the clean flowing trout streams of my surrounding area have been the focus of my attention.

I have always believed that real results are achieved by a grass roots effort. After all, we do take care of our own backyards in everyday life and this is a matter of fact! All that it takes is an effort to expand those neighborhood boundaries a little!

Like with many small organizations, with a good cause, it has been my experience that once you “get the ball rolling”, plenty of support will soon follow! I have witnessed this first hand, over the last 25 years that I have been involved in fish habitat enhancement projects!

The primary object of this website is to stir up a little interest in this unique form of environmental stewardship and hopefully encourage its future!

This site is published by Bow Valley Habitat Development and the focus of all of its contents is related to Fish Habitat Enhancement work that my company has been involved in. Most of the stories and information is from some of my more recent projects.

The log pool above was constructed on Canmore Creek, Alberta. It was part of the design in the stream’s fish habitat enhancement project, completed in 1998.

You can also visit my website at for a summary of some very interesting projects that I have completed!

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