Native Willow and Tree Planting Volunteers

The volunteers that help plant all of the native willows and trees along the local trout streams, as part of the “Bow Valley Riparian Recovery and Enhancement Program”, are a lot of fun to work with. We always get the job done, regardless of the weather or difficulty of the task at hand. I personally really enjoy the planting events. I will take this opportunity to share some of my photos of some of the event plantings, plus one that was contributed.

This photo of Microsoft volunteer willow and tree planters, was taken by Adrian Ferregoto of Microsoft, Calgary office. This team is ready to plant. The year was 2012 and this was the first planting that I was involved with, on West Nose Creek. The event was organized by Erin McMann, a Nose Creek Partnership Organization event, sponsored by Evergreen and Microsoft. Bow Valley Habitat Development provided the plants, equipment and supervision (Guy Woods, Director).
This group of Canon Canada planters did a great job and we all had loads of fun planting 400 plants that day.
The BVRR&E Program has involved a lot of student groups as well. The planting above was completed on Nose Creek in the City of Airdrie, Alberta.
This ATCO planting team has helped out over a number of years. Judi Vandenbrink, on the right, is with Evergreen Canada, whom has been a major player in the BVRR&E Program.
This Microsoft team where great planters and we accomplished a lot, by planting 400 plants. I am in the mix, front row, second from the left. The guy with the big smile.
Students from Glenbow Elementary, in Cochrane, navigate the stream banks of Bighill Creek, planting willows.
This group of young planters, willows in hand, are trying to decide where to plant them. The teacher will point them in the right direction.
This is a large group of students from Glenbow Elementary School. The team is just starting out and in a while the planting will be well underway.
This ATCO Team is about to start planting on Bighill Creek in Cochrane, Alberta.
This group of planters is from Stantec, in Calgary. We planted on Nose Creek on this day. Crystal, on the right side of the group, is with Airdrie Parks. Crystal was a big help in getting this BVRR&E program off the ground, in the city.
There is a combination of CP volunteers and Stantec in this photo.
Diageo and Evergreen planters stop to pose, on a cold early spring day. The woman holding the sign is Zanita Lukezich, with Evergreen. She flew out west to help out with the Diageo planting. Zanita is responsible for helping to organize many planting events in our program (BVRR&E Program or the “Bow Valley Riparian Recovery and Enhancement Program).
This seniors group meet me on West Nose Creek, to help plant a few hundred plants.
Planters from CW Perry Middle School, pose behind one of the willows that they have just planted, along Nose Creek.
This is another group from CW Perry, thanks to teacher Mike Dow for helping to organize the event.
This group of ATCO Gas employees, are about to plant 500 plants that are bundled in front of them.
The ATCO team fills their plant bags to get started in the program.
This group of student planters are from George McDougell High School, in Airdrie. They helped plant along the stream banks of Nose Creek.
Another group of student planters from Glenbow Elementary School. They were planting along Bighill Creek, in Cochrane.
Director of Bow Valley Habitat Development, Guy Woods, posing with a bundle of native willows. It was a cold, rainy day, planting with team Microsoft. Photo by: Adrian Ferregoto.