Bighill Creek Fisheries Study 2009

After the completion of the “Millennium Creek Restoration Program”, Bow Valley Habitat Development thought it might be an opportune time to start working on the main-stem of the Bighill Creek and some other tributaries. At that particular time, we had some excellent partnerships formed and a small group of volunteers that were interested in chipping in a bit more.

Prior to any further work, BVHD decided it was imperative to gather some baseline data and historic reference documents and info that would be required before any major plans for projects were undertaken. Thus, the Bighill Creek Comprehensive Fisheries Study was started in 2008 and the report was completed by BVHD, in 2009.

All of the pertinent data was filed in the FWMIS system under the ASRD Fisheries Research License # 09-0210-FR  – FWMIS system. If you would like to read the study prepared by Guy Woods, Director of Bow Valley Habitat Development, you can click on this link: BHC Fisheries study final report 

In the last few years, with new developments happening adjacent to the Bighill Creek valley, there is more pressure on the stream fishery. More storm drain run-off and more human traffic along the stream banks. I am hoping that any future path systems will be placed back from the creek, to keep the majority of hikers away from the stream banks. The exception would be for those keen catch and release fly fishers that visit the creek.

There should be more effort by the Town of Cochrane park staff to preserve what is left of the natural riparian zone and its wildlife. The town will eventually have a qualified ecologist in charge of doing the groundwork to ensure the natural areas in Cochrane are preserved. This should be happening soon because the town is on the verge of turning into a small city.

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