Bighill Creek Project

    Bighill Creek is a small tributary to the Bow River, just west of the city of Calgary, Alberta. It is the second largest tributary to the Bow River, between Ghost and Bearspaw dams, which are the two hydro power facilities that define this reach of the Bow River. From it’s furthest source springs, the Bighill flows approximately 26 kilometres downstream, through the Town of Cochrane to its confluence with the Bow River.

    Historically, the Bighill Creek was reputed to be a healthy trout fishery, providing good recreational angling opportunities. To augment the existing wild trout populations, reduced by harvest, the creek was stocked with a variety of trout species between 1929 and 1969. After stocking programs were halted in the late 1960’s, the resident trout populations were in decline and impacts from draught years and agricultural practices enhanced the decline of the fishery in the stream.

    With years of higher precipitation and an increase in ground water tables, the creek has shown signs of a small recover in recent years. To facilitate this rebound in wild trout recovery, measures have been taken by local grass roots orginizations to help out in the enhancement of both riparian and instream habitat along the creek.

    The following newsletters will help inform you of some of the programs that are underway in this ongoing stream restoration program:

Bighill Creek Project Newsletter 2009          Bighill Creek Project Newsletter 2010

Bighill Creek Project Newsletter 2011

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