2017 Riparian Planting Program – Ready To Go

Bow Valley Riparian Recovery and Enhancement Program 2017

This past week, the frost has finally left the stream banks and we are ready to go with the 2017 riparian planting program. This year will see a planting of over 8,000 native willow and tree plants on the three streams in the program, plus some smaller plantings on a number of tributaries and other local streams. I am really looking forward to getting started in the next few days.

After the past three years of the “Bow Valley Riparian Recovery and Enhancement Program”, it is nice to see plants from those years taking root along stream banks and especially on eroding stream banks, where the benefits will be the most apparent for improving water quality in the streams. Soil that was once being washed into the stream channel at these bank erosion sites in now being stabilized by the root systems of our native plantings.

IMG_5787 small fileAbove: In this 2017 early spring photo of an eroding stream bank on the Bighill Creek, you can see plants that have been planted between 2014 and 2016, in the Bow Valley Riparian Recovery and Enhancement Program. Although clumps of sod and some soil are still entering the stream channel, the bank site is stabilizing and in a few more years, when the slope is less severe, this annual silt loading will be stopped. The height of this slope is approximately 3 feet, which is hard to tell from this photo.

You can check out the June issue of Stream Tender Magazine, for more information on this and other local grassroots enhancement programs. There will also be some good news on this year’s brook trout hatch on three local tributaries to the Bighill Creek.

About Guy Woods

I am Director of Bow Valley Habitat Development, based in the Town of Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. I love to fly fish and it is this past time that prompted me to get involved in the field of riparian and fish habitat enhancement. I have been working in this pursuit for over 30 years!
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