2017 Brook Trout Hatch on Millennium Creek

New Generation of Trout for Millennium Creek

It was nice to see the first batch of brook trout fry on Millennium Creek this January. The small trout had just recently emerged from the spawning gravel and they were already taking refuge in some of the woody debris that volunteers had placed in a quite still water area just downstream of the spawning channel.

DSCF1437 small

The tiny brook trout shown above was holding motionless over a hand sized rock on the bottom of a still water area, next to the spawning channel. This trout still had its round tail, yet to develop into the typical square tail of the brook trout. In its temporary habitat, there is an abundant supply of midge larva and other small invertebrates to get the young trout off to a good start in life.

Watching this new generation of trout hatch on Millennium Creek always lifts my spirits and makes me look forward to another year of working on some area trout streams. This year’s hatch on the spawning channel is the 7th annual hatch since the spawning channel was constructed in 2010. The spawning channel project was and still is one of the most rewarding projects that I have had the pleasure of working on in recent years. The results from the project were instantaneous, with trout spawning on the channel a few months after it was constructed in 2010.

Presently, Bow Valley Habitat Development and its partners are working on riparian restoration work on some area streams. The long term benefits will come over time, when new fish habitat is created by the planting of native willows and trees right along the water’s edge. However, it will take years to see the real benefits. Some projects make a huge difference right after they are completed, while other projects take time to realize the full results. This is just fine with me, knowing that we are on the right course. In a few years, after being patient, the riparian planting work will make the efforts of volunteers and partners worthwhile.

New Issue of Stream Tender Magazine Available in a Few Days

On the first of March 2017, I will upload the next issue of Stream Tender Magazine. There are articles by three contributors in this next issue, which is great to see. More fly fishing and fly tying stuff will be featured in the new issue, to make it more interesting for the fly fishing crowd, which will hopefully expand the readership. Fly fishers are major stake holders in our trout stream resource, so I expect that they will enjoy the read.

About Guy Woods

I am Director of Bow Valley Habitat Development, based in the Town of Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. I love to fly fish and it is this past time that prompted me to get involved in the field of riparian and fish habitat enhancement. I have been working in this pursuit for over 30 years!
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