Sushi Eaters Beware

     If you happen to enjoy eating sushi, especially raw salmon, you expect that the flesh that you are eating is from clean, pure, wild or farm raised fish. Furthermore, you also take it for granted that the quality of the fish is government inspected and approved for consumption. Whether it is wild fish or farm raised, the quality of the meat should be closely monitored by government food inspection agencies that have tested for disease or contamination. Right?

    I live in cattle country, in Alberta, and I remember quite well how quickly and responsibly our provincial government acted, during the Mad Cow scare of the 1990’s. The Politian’s didn’t want to damage the cattle industry by participating in any sort of cover-up. It was a wise choice that they made, and some drastic measures were undertaken for the greater good!

    Presently, there is something rather unsettling happening in our west coast fisheries of Canada. There are issues that are by no means new to some of us.  I personally have been interested and aware of them for some time. These issues regard one of our main food sources, the survival of great runs of salmon and how government agencies are managing both of these.

    As an observer, I am a big fan of some of the crusaders that have dedicated their lives to making us all aware of some of these issues that most people would not care to deal with. Please check out the video below and then remember this, come voting day!


Salmon Confidential from Twyla Roscovich on Vimeo.

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