The Prettier Side of Fall

This recent snow has certainly changed the look of the autumn colors along the trout streams. So it is a good time to use up the remaining nice shots of early fall that I have on file. The prettier side of fall seems to have been too short lived, but I suppose that is always the case. Now that the streams have made it thru to a well needed blast of moisture, this should guarantee good flows right into late winter. As you can see from the photo below, the stream levels were great, just before the first snow of the fall arrived.

As you can see in the photo, the new fall of late autumn leaves into the stream is enriching it for another year of good growth, both for the aquatic invertebrates that live beneath the surface, but also the trout and other coarse fish. When I say coarse fish, I mean suckers, minnows, sculpins, burbot and whitefish, if there are any of them left. Whitefish are not in very good shape as far as the fisheries go, but these days there always seems to be something in trouble in our local streams. So good flow in the creeks and a enriched trout stream is great news!

Mayfly nymphs are also grazers, eating organic material in a trout stream. They are an important indicator of the water quality and a great food item for the trout population. Mayflies adapt to blend in with the surrounding environment, they have a kind of camouflage body that makes them very hard to spot sometimes. Some are tan, olive or brown and green in color, depending on the genera.
Check out this video, it shows how some invertebrates use dead leaves in the stream for both food and habitat. You will see midge larva devouring a poplar tree leaf, shrimp mating and also baby shrimp.

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