Brown Trout Revealed

You can make out the tail section of a brown trout in this photo. Also, the eye of the trout can be spotted.

Once you can see the eye of the brown trout in the photo above, you will then be able to make out the mouth. Zoom in to 150% and have a good look at this photo. The trout is a female brown trout. She has excavated a redd or egg nest, and she is waiting for a male brown trout to arrive on the scene, so that they can spawn and the eggs can incubate in the gravel, until they hatch, next year. In the new year. Probably in April or May, is when the trout larva will swim free of their gravel nest.

Sometimes, the male brown trout don’t show up for some time. So the female just waits. In a creek with a healthy brown trout population, there is not usually a problem with the supply of male trout, to spawn. This is why it is so important to manage a stream’s fishery with the appropriate regulations for angling and also seasonal closures for spawning. Unfortunately, in our area, this has yet to happen. It really is shameful of how poorly our fisheries are managed. I am talking about wild stream trout.

Now that I have had my say, the video below shows the same spawning brown trout as in the photo above. Have a look. Don’t you feel sorry for that lonely female, waiting for big handsome to come swimming by.

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