Canmore Creek Spawning 2000

I found some more video of spawning trout on Canmore Creek. This was a few years after the lower portion of the creek had received fish habitat enhancement work, including spawning enhancement work. On the first segment, you will see brook trout spawning over our spawning gravel that we added to the stream. I wonder what is happening up there in Canmore these days?

All of the spawning video is being added to the Canmore Creek title, on the main menu, at the top of this page. You can do a quick review or watch a bunch of video.

Spawning Season

As the leaves start falling and the cooler days signal the arrival of the fall season, the brown trout and brook trout prepare to reproduce in their annual spawning event. The trout will find the right type of habitat to dig their redds or egg nests in, and start the ritual when the female finds a male and starts fanning the gravel out to create her first nest. The male trout will then move in and try to stimulate her to lay her eggs, by quivering up against her side. If the female is ready to drop her eggs into the nest, the male will immediately fertilize the eggs. the eggs are heavier than water, so they sink fast into the freshly excavated nest.

Once the eggs are deposited in the first redd, the female trout will move ahead and fan the gravel upstream of the hole, so that it covers the eggs. This is where the female can deposit more eggs, just ahead of the first batch, but this depends on the how mature the female is, and how many eggs she has to lay. Large trout can carry a lot of eggs, over 2,000, so this can be cause for two good sized redds. The brook trout egg nests are considerably smaller, due to the average size of brook trout, so their redds are smaller when compared to the brown trout.

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