Time For A Trude

The Trude Wing dry fly patterns are wide ranging and one of my own personal favorites is the white wing, black body pattern. It floats well and is a great late summer pattern, going right into the fall. There are some unique design opportunities with this fly, so to start with, a simple pattern is the poly wing or calf hair pattern, or both. An under-wing of white poly with a white calf hair over-wing is a choice that I can attest too. A black body is always a winner, with brown hackle and a variety of tail hair options.

I use a purple flash Mylar for a ribbing on this pattern. You can hardly tell, but the wing is white poly and calf hair. This pattern was tied on a size 12 – 2x dry fly hook.

The black Trude can imitate a flying ant, wasp or other black true fly. The best time is late August for fishing this pattern, at least this has been my experience. There will always be the time for some other occasion to use this pattern, but late summer can be a tough time for dry flies, if hoppers are not producing results. I love the white wing, it makes the fly easy to see, from a distance. This makes your fly fishing a little more relaxing, because you are not straining your eyes, trying to keep track of your dry fly.

Sometimes, the take will be very subtle and you must watch your fly visually, as it drifts down the current. However, with dry flies, generally the take is wild and crazy. Fast water trout don’t mess around when it comes to a floating menu. Except when the supply of food is floating consistently, and the trout pattern this by choosing a feeding lane and staying put. These type of feeding trout are sippers and gulpers. You can even hear their jaws chopping down on the chow when they close their mouth on a drifting bug. It is kind of a cupping noise.

The Rio Grande Grizzly King is a sure bet for most freestone trout. The choice of ribbing color is up to you, but silver is always a good choice as well.
It just wouldn’t be right to leave out the good old Western Royal Coachman Trude.

Traditional dry flies are lots of fun to tie and fish. The important roll of the Trude wing dry fly becomes more obvious when you have successfully fished different variations of the pattern, and found out just how good these flies are. Talk about dressing up a fly box. If you have a selection of white wing Trude patterns, they are real eye candy for anyone interest in your fly box collection. Man, I can recall some really great days on cutthroat trout streams, fishing a Trude white wing. It is undisputable how effective the Royal Coachman color dry flies have been for cutthroat trout fly fishing. It is said that the little red band in the Coachman is the hot ticket for cutties.

The Rio Grande River is where the Rio Grande King was conceived, probably fishing the summer months, is my guess. It has a little more color for a dry fly, than most relatively dull colors of matching the hatch. The original RGK had the color of the golden pheasant tail fibers tied in at the tail, which was the right twist to give this pattern an unforgettable appearance. The coachman brown hackle and the tail have common connections to the previously mentioned fly.

The Rio Grande King, an original Trude wing pattern.

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