Subtle Changes On Crossing

CP is conducting some type of construction project on the Bighill Creek crossing this year. they have respectfully installed erosion prevention measures and more importantly, they have not touched our willow plantings at the crossing site. Plantings have been carried out at this crossing location for some time, and now the plants are starting to take nicely. They installed a fabric soil retainer and installed silt fence at the top of the slope.

Fortunately, our willows at the base of the slope, were left untouched, and they can continue to grow. We planted on both sides of the stream channel, but the steep slope was one of the erosion sites that have received special attention.

Every corporation is operating in more environmentally friendly manor these days. It is nice to see this happening more often. It does make a huge difference. The degree of silt and soil prevention measures is entirely dependent on the professional environmental managers that have a job to do just that. In any case, our willow planting on this particular erosion site has been very beneficial to helping to hold the steep slope in place.

The willows are planted close to the water’s edge, near the surface flow. This area is called the toe of the slope, and it is where most of the stream bank erosion occurs. Over time the elevated stream bank will continue to collapse into the creek. This has made a big difference in the water quality in the creek and the clean streambed of cobble and gravel is showing thru. There are many sites on the lower end of the creek where this planting has taken place.

This stream bank planting was part of the “Bow Valley Riparian Recovery and Enhancement Program”. Bighill Creek has benefited the most from our riparian plantings, but West Nose Creek and Nose Creek are also high on the list. Time will show the benefits and I will continue to report on this.

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