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I inserted some links to past issues of Stream Tender Magazine, for your review. Just below the introduction on the cover page. You travel down memory lane and explore some interesting stuff. I put a lot of time into this magazine, so you can all benefit in some way. This has always been my goal in creating a series of websites that are linked, so you can really get into it. The magazine layout was no template, it was all designed on some very old software that lets you build a page from scratch. Please be my guest and check it out.

More glimpses of spring

The Alberta Wild Rose is always a treat to find on your journeys outdoors.

Out Into The Mountains

After talking to a few outdoor fly fishing keener’s that read my blog, it is refreshing to hear that they are out exploring new water and enjoying summer, regardless of the real every day life in a city or town. Being close to the mountains or in them during the early part of the summer is an experience that you don’t forget.

Finding a great little dry fly stream that meanders thru a foothills or mountain canyon, always needing to know what lies beyond the next turn in the valley bottom. Find plenty of cooperative trout, not large ones in most cases, but very eager to take a dry fly. Even if the trout has to leave its shelter of overhead cover to slam its jaws down on your dry fly imitation, it will, and this is the best.

No holey waders, just shorts and running shoes or even just wet jeans and boots, the trout need to be approached from a downstream direction and with some stealth. These trout are in the heart of predator country and they are not the complaisant wild trout of trout ponds or heavily fished waters where there are no predators to keep them constantly on guard.

It is something else to gear up with a light weight fly rod and reel, short leader and hit the fast flowing riffles and runs. A seven and a half foot leader is all you need. A short extended leader of light weight tippet on the end of your leader is important, so you can use the full benefits in accurate casts, tight to the stream banks and brush.

A nice brown trout, large for the head-water stream where it was caught and released.

The need to get away is stronger right now than it has ever been. Personal and family isolation makes you want to escape into the wild, where nothing remotely resembles the environment of civilization. I have never seen so much RV traffic on the roads around these parts. The exception would be when I was traveling the northern part of the Mexican coast on my motorcycle in the 70’s, but it is all happening right here at home, now. There are secret spots you can escape the crowds, but you need to find these places yourselves.

I respectfully decline to divulge any information about those special areas. Why waste the adventure of exploring, by having someone tell you exactly where to go and fish, unless it is located close to home, where the fishing isn’t that great anyway. I know you may all think of the Bow River, but if you are not really that bothered that some pathetic invertebrate is going to break into your truck, and leave permanent damage. Part of the problem is you have to park at locations known to be targeted by thieves. Sometimes, you would just rather avoid the crowds and escape into the mountains.

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