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My collection of old photos sometimes captures my attention, and I will get mesmerized by old slide photos that hold a lot of great memories. While browsing thru photos, you can cash in on reviving thoughts of an experience from the past that has had a real influence on your own coarse in life. Exploring old photo files on my computer often reveals something that I find of interest and I expect some of my readers will too.

The Canmore Creek Project is like a “blast from the past” musical tune that you would hear on a radio or on TV. It brings back a lot of good memories and fortunately I took plenty of photos to document our progress back then.

One of the projects on the Canmore Creek Program, was the reclamation of a stream bank below a slope consisting of old coal mine tailings. The plan was to create a catch bench at the base of the slope that would prevent sliding materials from entering the stream channel.

It was determined that a log wall, with vegetation consisting of native willows and trees at the base of the slope, would be the most cost effective approach. An old beaver dam would then be removed to allow the stream’s flow to flush out the streambed. There was a considerable amount of tailings that had smothered the streambed, over the years.

My crew and I built this log wall at the base of the slope. This photo shows the log wall under construction.
After the construction and planting was completed, the old beaver dam was opened up.
This is the log wall after a few years of growth.
This is a view of the log wall from the top end, looking downstream. You will notice that the streambed is starting to clean out, and cobble is now beginning to show itself.
This is also a photo from the top end of the log wall, looking downstream. This is 15 years after construction. The streambed is now almost entirely made up of cobble and gravel.

The entire stream restoration and enhancement of Canmore Creek also contributed to the cleaner streambed on the creek today. A crew of 7 hard working men and women, helped to achieve this goal of a successful project’s completion, over a four year program.

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