Still Watching Those Little Trout

The 2020 hatched trout on Millennium Creek are getting fat and growing fast. For me, it is a good excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the day and some of my secret haunts, while taking some photos. A crystal clean spring creek is the perfect place to sneak into position, hunker down and watch the small world of baby trout, hoping to find one. After minutes of waiting, a peripheral glimpse of movement draws my focus. Then slow movements to get my camera in place for a shot or some video. Maybe both, if the shooting is good.

The movement or a shadow of a trout can catch your attention. Then you take the photo.
The trout are getting fat and growing quickly.
Other tiny trout stay almost motionless on the bottom.

The flow in Millennium Creek is now dropping in volume, after a long winter of good flow, this should be expected. Soon the frost will leave the ground and new snow melt and spring rains will replenish the ground water flows. There is enough flow to help get these young trout off to a good start, however.

Check out the bulge in the belly, on this small fry.

With April only a few weeks away now, it is time to start thinking about the spring plantings. It is still hard to say for sure, at this point in time, but the frost may be a little late coming out of the ground, along the streams this year! This could delay the planned events, but other than this, late thaws are known to happen in some years. I suspect a one week or possibly two week delay from our start date, last year. April will be the true test as to whether we are in for a late spring thaw. If we get some real warm weather, with some rain, there will be no delays.

I haven’t talked about the current COVID-19 yet, but it is time to mention something. Shopping for groceries lately, has “driven home” the seriousness of this present situation. My own personal habits are being modified to meet this threat. I hope that all of my readers are also taking all of the necessary measures to stay safe and help meet the challenge. “To err on the side of caution”, is a response often considered by someone who is wise!

Be safe!

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