Millennium Creek Restoration

It is hard to realize that it has been 12 years since we completed the Millennium Creek Restoration Program, finished in 2008. Yesterday, I was sorting thru some old pictures of the creek, before the restoration work began. The photo below shows what the creek looked like, before we cut a new stream channel, narrowing the old one by a factor of approximately 3, over the entire length of the stream.

This 2004 photo, shows how bad the creek looked back then. The stream channel flowed thru sedge and other aquatic plants, with an average width on the upper reach that was approximately 5 to 6 metres. The recent photo below, shows how much the stream channel and habitat has improved.
The other day, I took this photo (March 12, 2020) from close to the same position as the photo above. You can still see the huge root wad that has been there for the past 20 or so years. This photo shows how the riffle flows downstream into a pool habitat. This what the restoration work did for this stream.

Every year, trout spawn in this tributary to the Bighill Creek. The newly hatched trout regenerate the populations in the BH Creek, annually. The most important thing to do now, is too protect the stream. It is an environmentally sensitive gem, in the hear of the Town of Cochrane.

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