Anxious About Spring

It is always the same, about this time of the winter, thoughts of spring are constantly on my mind. I thing that since I started planting in the spring, my anxiety for nicer weather in March, hasn’t improved any. This is alright though, the time until melt is not that far off, hopefully starting in early April this spring. Change can come fast some years, but with the colder March weather still a threat this spring, things could be totally different.

We have a good number of native willows and trees to plant this spring, so when the frost leaves the ground, I am looking forward to starting to plant. The frost along the streams is gone faster than on north facing ground that has shade preserving the frozen ground. This ground that is sheltered from the sun, can sometimes take until late May to thaw.

Compared to other spring planting programs, in recent years, this year’s planting will be smaller in size, but still pretty significant in the big picture. Our goal for planting this spring is now over 2,000 plants, probably 2,500 in the end. This is still a good size crop, if the planting goes as planned. Once again this year, there will be school students involved, so I look forward to that.

In really clear water, brook trout will often take cover in any available habitat, only to venture out in the darker hours to feed. They seem to be more colorful in clear water habitats, with dark color bottoms. I always look for the white fins that show up really well on these colorful trout.

In this year’s spring planting, the Nose Creek and Bighill Creek will be the main planting venues. However, I will still keep you up to date on how our large West Nose Creek plantings from the past are coming along. There are some areas that I expect will show substantial growth, thanks to some extensive planting by volunteers, over the years. Hopefully, we will have some really young planters from Glenbow Elementary School this year.

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