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I have just written some more detailed information on how to build my constructed log pool habitats. There has been some interest expressed in this particular structure in the past, so I thought that I would add some more information into a photo essay that can be accessed on the cover page menu of this blog. Just scroll to the top and the title will be near the bottom on the menu.

A constructed log pool habitat that was built 12 years ago on a small spring creek. This low gradient stream had a number of pool habitats constructed on its length. It was part of the design of a stream restoration program carried out by Bow Valley Habitat Development. Trout lurk in the depths of these pool habitats. This stream is a great nursery habitat for juvenile trout as well.

The small spring creek stays ice-free for most of the winter months. Check out the main article.

I also updated the page on the Bighill Creek Study, by adding some video links.

More Nymph Fly Patterns

Continuing the trend that I was on earlier, I am still tying trout nymph fly patterns. fortunately, the patterns that I am tying are getting better over time. Over the past few months, I have been concentrating on a generic nymph design that has proven itself over the years as a great attractor and hatch matcher.

This light color nymph has a Mylar rib with a purple hue.

The nymph shown above is a popular color of light tan, which the trout find very enticing.

Willows and Deer

I am seeing a lot more deer along the Bighill Creek these days. I suspect that all of the new browse of new willow plants that are available is attracting them to the area.

A small buck bedded along the Bighill Creek. You can see the willows that we planted in the foreground. The creek has opened up in this recent spell of warmer weather.

It is nice to see deer right in the middle of Cochrane.

Inspirational Movement

The recent protests by our youth, in support of measures to curb climate change, is very compelling. For me, it is great to see young people getting involved in such an important way. This is very inspirational for me personally. It is their future planet that is at stake, and now is the time to get serious about this world threat to humanity! We can all chip in by cutting back on our carbon footprint, I have changed my lifestyle, for this reason, a long time ago. Here are some of the things that I have cut back on in recent years:

  • Jet travel and unnecessary driving.
  • Recycling as much as I can.
  • The size of my house, which is a small house with an energy-efficient furnace.
  • I drive energy-efficient vehicles.

And the list goes on.

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