Fall 2019 Issue of Stream Tender Magazine

This morning there is a light covering of snow on the ground, with predicitons of more to come. As we leave September in a cold snap, the good news is that the flow levels in the area streams is good and this will help migrating brook trout and brown trout reach their spawning habitats. The higher flows help the trout move upstream, past any obstructions. Evan Martens contacted me in the third week of this month, informing me that the brook trout had already started to spawn on the Bighill Creek. It is happening early this fall, so we may be in for a long one (winter).

Above: The Bighill Creek is flowing good this fall, thanks to plenty of rain this summer. With more rain and snow this fall, we will have good flows this next spring and summer. The water table is fully charged or close to it.

I am really impressed by how much the Bighill Creek has cleared up over the last 10 years or so. A healthy riparian zone is a large factor in why the creek is looking so good these days. The rancher, just upstream of the Town of Cochrane has always taken very good care of the land and had a mutual respect for the Bighill Creek. All of this helps, when a stream is in recovery mode. The thousands of native willows and trees that have been planted on the lower end of the creek have also made a big difference.

New Issue of Stream Tender Magazine

I have just uploaded the fall 2019 issue of “Stream Tender Magazine”, so you can access it at http://magazine.streamtender.com . Please check it out. There are a few big surprizes about Nose Creek pike and brown trout fishing. You will have to see this!

Aquatic Weeds For Lakes and Ponds

I have just uploaded a new article on propagation of aquatic weeds for a new lake. The idea behind this approach is to enrich a newly constucted lake with the planting of aquatic weed cuttings. This weed habitat will boost the invertebrate populations in a lake or pond and enhance the amount of food for stocked trout.

Check it out at this link: Growing Aquatic Plants.


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