More Brown Trout Than You Can Shake a Stick At – Or A Fly Rod

I ran into a young fisherman a few days ago. His name is Evan Martens and he loves to fish. Evan and I exchange emails from time to time and for me it is a good way of finding out how the fishing is in this area. Evan likes to fish small streams and big water like the Bow River, so he is a perfect source of information, when I am trying to write about the state of the local sport fishery.

For me personally, it is very refreshing to find a young angler with the same urge to fish that I once had. Furthermore, he does a lot of fishing and knows the local haunts of large trout very well. As he scolled down the photo lists of recent catches, on his cell phone, I could see that there were more photos of huge brown trout than you could shake a stick at. So he definitely knows how to catch large trout. I asked him if I could use a few of his photos in my websites and he agreed to send me some.

The Evan Martens photo above; shows one of the nicely colored brown trout that Evan has caught and released lately. Note the brilliant red color spots on this beauty. The exact location of this particular catch is unknown, but that is just normal fisherman non-disclosure practices. Bottomline; it is nice to know that there are some real beauties still lurking about. It is also comforting to know that young anglers practise catch and release these days, especially considering there are no good regulations in place to protect this magnificant wild trout population, on some smaller area streams.

I will continue to check in with Evan Martin and other local anglers to see how their personal fishing experience is, so that I can relay this info to my readers. Fisheries managers are also welcome to the information relating to our local fishery, as well.

My personal experience seems to be more related to smaller varieties of trout, when it comes to fishing this reach of the Bow River. But the good news is; there are plenty of small brown trout and growing numbers of small rainbow trout in our length of the river, so this holds promise for the future angling opportunities. We will see what happens next year. I suspect that the overall population of trout in the Bow River will be up in 2020!

Bow Valley Riparian Recovery and Enhancement Program – August 2019 Update

I had a meeting and tour of some of our planting sites in Calgary, on West Nose Creek, yesterday. Calgary Parks ecologist Andrew Phelps joined me to inspect some plantings from the past and also this springs crop. Everything looks good for this year’s planting results, with lots of surviving plants and they are growing fast. It has been a fantastic year for growth on all of our local streams that we plant on.


The plan for 2020 was discussed and we are good to go for next year, on West Nose Creek. By fall, BVHD will have all of the organizing complete for this next year’s planting program. We are at 71,914 plants planted thus far, so next year I am hoping we can break the 80 thousand plant mark. What ever we manage to get into the ground in 2020 will all be good for this riparian restoration program.

I am especially pleased with how much volume of flow we are experiencing on all of the small streams in our planting program. It is really good to see how the water table is recharged and providing good water levels in local creeks. This fall’s brown trout and brook trout spawning season may be a banner year for these wild trout populations.

1 thought on “More Brown Trout Than You Can Shake a Stick At – Or A Fly Rod

  1. Great work Guy, I had no idea of the Nose creek fishery. Or your work in regards to riparian work. I too very much enjoy to fly fish and all the knowledge that seems to flo from that passion. I am excited to go for a walk along to check out the area.
    I normally fish the section of the Bow within the city. I too believe the number of fish to be doing alright. Today on Oct.12 I witnessed the Browns spawning under the Peace bridge. Upon realizing the Spawn was on I dismantled my pole. And took to just watching and sharing the experience with some passersby.

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