Great Spring For Growth!

New Willows and Trees are Growing Fast This Spring

As I sit at my desk and look out the window, a passing thunder head has just released buckets of rain and some fast melting hail stones onto the slopes of Bighill Creek. As soon as the cloud passes completly, I will wonder down to check out the creek and see how much flow is rushing down to the Bow River. It will benefit the creek and all of the native plants of area riparian habitat, having all this moisture this spring. We have also had plenty of nice sun shine to compliment the falling rain periods this month, so far.

The rain has also helped grow the plants from previous years, which are now starting to show along the stream banks. Different shades of green are now enhancing the stream banks along the Bighill Creek. This is really exciting to witness,  at least for me – anyway. It is very transformational and the longterm benefits are incredible for both fish and wildlife. Not to mention the huge improvement in water quality.

This young plant was planted by some elementary school kids this spring and you can see how well it is growing already this June. The willows in the background were planted during previous year’s planting along the BH Creek. You can see how previously planted willows are now casting seeds into the stream and over the immediate stream bank. This natural reproduction will only enhance our planted crop with recruitment of many new plants, over time.

The rain and hail has passed and it is time to walk down to the creek for a look see.