The 2019 Spring Riparian Planting Begins

New Green Appears Along Stream Banks

With everything starting late in this year’s growing season, our new native willow and tree plants standout on the landscape. They are the only green leafed plants in the second week of May. The planting for the 2019 “Bow Valley Riparian Recovery and Enhancement Program” is already well underway.







Left: You can see that the newly planted poplar tree stands out over a bed of last year’s canary grass. Right: Just to the right of the new plant is one that was planted a few years ago, on Nose Creek. Additional plantings, over the years, will help build up the riparian growth along our local pike and trout streams.







Students from the CW Perry Middle School helped out again this spring, with the planting on Nose Creek, in the City of Airdrie. This is the third year for the class that is taught by teacher Mike Dow. The kids really enjoy the outdoor experience and helping out with a good environmental cause. They also did a bit of garbage cleanup on their outing.

It will be another great year of riparian planting this year, with over 11,000 native plants that will end up in the ground. All of the plants will be planted close to the water’s edge along three streams in the program; Nose Creek, West Nose Creek, and Bighill Creek. As you can see from the photo above right, some streams are in dire need of some good riparian growth.

It feels good to finally be underway with the planting program, after a long cold early spring. The frost is still in the ground along most of the local trout streams, but this will not be for too long now, with the warmer weather. A few more good rainfalls always help thaw the ground out in the early spring, if we get them.