Brown and Brook Trout Spawning – Caps End of Season

Trout Lay Eggs In Gravel Beds

Except for Millennium Creek, the overall spawning season on Bighill Creek was pretty poor, in comparison to the last 10 or so years. But we will take what we can get these days, for any trout reproduction. At least the water flowed clean in the creek, on those days that I walked its stream banks, in search of spawning trout to photograph. The good news is that there are a few beaver dams on the lower reach of Bighill Creek, where the resident trout can winter over.

Above: Spawning brook trout on BH Creek this fall.  Note the clean water and gravel.

Numbers of spawning brook trout were not too bad on Millennium Creek, which seems to be the most consistently good spawning tributary on the BH system. The Mill. Creek requires annual maintenance to be in good shape for the spawning season. This is due to its location in a heavily populated area, with good path access. I will continue to carry out my annual cleaning program into the future, as long as I can.

New Issue of Stream Tender Magazine

If you are interested in checking out the November issue of Stream Tender Magazine, please click on this link. I just uploaded the issue, so see what is happening on a more in-depth publication.

2019 Bow Valley Riparian Recovery and

Enhancement Program

Things are moving along with the planning for next season’s riparian planting program. I am hoping for another significant year of planting native willows and trees along the streams in the program. So far there is some support for 2019, but I should have a better idea by March of next year, how many partners will be involved. This last year we planted a total of 9,700 native plants, so the target for 2019 is for 10,000 plants again.


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