Willow Plants Are Now Providing Fish Habitat

More Fish Habitat on Local Streams

The native willows and trees that were first planted as part of the “Bow Valley Riparian Recovery and Enhancement Program” are now large enough to make a significant difference as fish habitat. They were planted along the stream banks where they would create overhead cover, both above and below the surface of the stream. It took four years to accomplish this, but in some areas the growth was a little faster than in other areas on the stream channel.

Above: You can see how these willows are growing out and over the surface of West Nose Creek in Calgary, where there is a small population of brown trout. The more fish habitat that we can create thru this willow and tree planting, the more trout there will be in the creek for the future years to come. There are loads of other benefits, such as improving water quality, constricting the flow so that silt is cleaned off the bottom of the streambed and so on.

Above: On some areas of the creek, the willow growth is thick along the water’s edge. This is exactly what we wanted as an end result in this planting program. Now we can watch these willows and trees grow significantly over the years. Upper reaches of the West Nose Creek will be restored enough to support a trout population, so we can expand the existing trout holding water’s of West Nose Creek, over time. Bow Valley Habitat Development has already identified and mapped potential spawning areas further up the creek that are not presently being utilized. I personally expect this to change in the future, as the brown trout slowly start to migrate and populated the upper reaches of the creek.

June Issue of Stream Tender Magazine

Early this morning I uploaded the June issue of Stream Tender Magazine. The computer problems that I encountered in May delayed the publication for some time this spring. The June issue is also smaller in size than the normal quarterly issue. Please check it out at: http://magazine.streamtender.com or use this link:

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