Another Year of Trout on the Lower Reach

Millennium Creek’s Lower Spawning Beds

This is the second year that I have spotted juvenile trout on the lower reach of Mill. Crk. The presence of the newly hatched trout confirms once again that there is a successful incubation on the lower spawning beds. I have also confirmed a trout hatch on some upper creek spawning habitat, in channel, below the spawning channel that was constructed in 2010. Having trout hatching in these two other spawning habitats is good news for the creek’s future and the trout populations in year’s to come.

Above: This small young of the year – brook trout, was holding on habitat in the lower reach of Millennium Creek.

All of the juvenile trout that have hatched so far this year on Mill. Crk. are free from whirling disease symptoms. I observed no deformities on any of the juvenile trout that I have spotted in the creek. Many of the trout on the lower reach of Mill. Crk. will soon migrate down into the water’s of Bighill Creek, helping to re-populate the main-stem and revitalizing the sport fishery.

Spring Melt Has Come Fast

At first I thought that it would be a long cold spring this year, but the melt started to happen fast, mid April. The high flowing water in some local streams will help to thaw the ground frost along the creeks, so we can get to planting soon. This year’s riparian planting program is a big one, with over 9,000 plants reading to be planted.

Above: This photo of Bighill Creek was taken just past the mid-point of April. The high flows are quickly melting the bank ice and cleaning out the stream-bed.

Nice to finally experience some great spring weather, after the big freeze.

About Guy Woods

I am Director of Bow Valley Habitat Development, based in the Town of Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. I love to fly fish and it is this past time that prompted me to get involved in the field of riparian and fish habitat enhancement. I have been working in this pursuit for over 40 years!
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