Electro Fishing and Spawning Results !

Millennium Creek Electro Fishing Results


    Before the stream restoration project began, Alberta Fish & Wildlife and the Alberta Conservation Association electro fished the creek. The electro fish program was completed with an objective of collecting some baseline data on fish populations in the creek, before the restoration work commenced. The results of that electro fish program produced a catch of only 5 brook trout, on the lower 50 metres of the creek, with only a few stickleback minnows on the rest of the shocking reach.

    In 2007, a year before the 4 year restoration project was completed, F & W once again electro fished the same reach of creek, as in their first program conducted in 2004. The results produced the following: 1 rainbow trout; 7 mountain whitefish; 25 brown trout and 19 brook trout. As is the case with all electro fishing programs, not all of the trout that were shocked were captured!

    In 2008, Trout Unlimited electro fished a 100 metre unit of the creek as part of their electro-fish training program. The results of their limited shocking produced the following: 1 rainbow trout; 2 mountain whitefish; 4 brown trout and 11 brook trout.

    From the results of both of these electro fish programs, it is evident that the stream reclamation has produced the results that was hoped for. As time progresses and further riparian growth and stream bank cover continues to flourish, we can expect more available habitat to increase the resident populations.

Spawning Occurred on Millennium Creek !


    Just after the 4 year project was completed in 2008, brook trout were observed spawning in the creek. As part of the 2008 habitat enhancement program, spawning habitat was created at key locations on the creek. It was very rewarding to see brook trout utilize these spawning habitats soon after they had been created!

    Also encouraging, was the migration of larger sized brook trout up into the system during the spawning season. This event added special significance to the importance of Millennium Creek as a spawning tributary to the Bighill Creek.

    No only was the creek important as a nursery habitat for juvenile trout, but now it would be responsible for recruitment of new generations of brook trout into the larger streams downstream. I suspect that even brown trout may return to spawn in Millennium Creek some time in the future!

“ New Spawning Channel Created on the Creek! “


    With successful spawning observed on Millennium Creek in 2008 and 2009, it was determined by BVHD that further enhancement for spawning opportunities could only further benefit the stream’s fishery! In 2010, with funding provided by Inter Pipeline Fund, a spawning channel was built on the inflow spring that enters the primary spring pond on Millennium Creek.

    Following the September completion date of the 10 metre spawning channel, brook trout began their fall spawning in the new habitat created. In total, there were 29 trout redds mapped in the new spawning channel. The new channel was covered with brush to keep wintering ducks from the spring pond out of the water in the channel and it is working quite well so far.

    BVHD will be starting a monitoring program in March of 2011, to establish whether the incubation of eggs was successful and document any hatch in the channel for confirmation.




Right Photo:

This is a photo of a spawning brook trout in the newly created habitat.

Millennium Creek Trout and Spawning

The fact that trout started to spawn in Millennium Creek ; add a considerable amount of importance to this stream!

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