Small spring creeks are often overlooked in their importance to our main stream systems! In the Cochrane area, most

small streams are dependant on feeder springs for their main supply of high quality water and fish habitat. In a time when water supply and quality is considered a priority, the protection and enhancement of these feeder springs should be of primary importance in the way we manage and protect our ground water supply.


  In 2004, an initiative to restore a small spring creek located in the Town of Cochrane was undertaken. With the help from area business, both corporate and small, along with The Town of Cochrane and interested NGO’s, this small spring creek was brought back to life. The program took four years to complete. A new, narrow - deep channel was created, the volume of flow was increased in the main channel and a fish habitat enhancement program was carried out to provide a living environment for trout. To achieve a positive and long term benefit to our natural stream resources and the aquatic environment that they provide, projects like the Millennium Creek Project are a good investment in our future.


  On behalf of the residents of Cochrane, the managers of the Millennium Creek Project would like to acknowledge and thank the partners involved in this worthwhile program. We also would like to extend our special thanks to the volunteer team that contributed 429.5 hours or their time towards the successful completion of the four year project. The partners are as follows:


       The Alberta Conservation Association (Funding) -$56,281.12                   Bow Valley Habitat Development (time contribution) - $5,687.50

      Town of Cochrane;                                         Cochrane & District Community Foundation (Funding) - $1,999.99

      Parks and Facilities (Equipment and personnel) - $26,956.75                    Spray Lakes Sawmills Ltd. (materials) - $1,270.91

      Operational Services (Funding) - $10,000.00                          MGM Developments Ltd. (materials) - $800.00

      TransAlta Utilities Corporation (Funding) - $23,010.05                    The Cat Rental Store, Cochrane (equipment) - $457.00

      Inter Pipeline Fund (Funding) - $21,660.82                           Angel Enterprises Ltd. (equipment) - $150.00

      Cochrane Community Grant Program (Funding) - $10,000.00                Shell Canada Ltd.

      Volunteers (time contribution – 429.5 hours) - $9,215.00                   Jumpingpound Plant (Funding) - $100.00


                                   Total Contribution - $157,589.1



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Before and after photos of the same length of stream channel on Millennium Creek


Left Photo:

Was taken in 2004, before the stream restoration project was started.


Right Photo:

This is a 2010 photograph of the same length of stream channel, two years after the stream channel restoration  project which was completed in 2008.


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“ Small spring creeks are often overlooked in their importance to our main stream systems ! ”

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